Today we are taking you on a quick trip to Sweden to have a glimpse at what some of Stockholm’s best designers are up to. At KA, we have always believed that  “less is more” and so we feel immediately drawn to the sleek and modest, yet thought provoking collections showed at last week at Stockholm’s Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week. But that’s not it, what really grabs our attention, is this season’s Future Fashion Exhibition, in which brands are recognized for their contribution to fashion’s future by incorporating both ethical and aesthetic elements to their design.

The exhibition involved an event emphasizing lauded Swedish fashion brands that are preeminent in the sustainability evolution. Sustainable Fashion NOW and Future Threads Project are two accredited initiatives aiming to address and inspire a positive attitude and awareness towards sustainable fashion. The event provokes and provides a new unique approach towards a burgeoning fashion initiative, which provides beautiful and mindful garments.

The exhibition showcased diverse collections including: WHITE, a collaboration between Future Threads Project, the ascending design company Stormie Poodle, and seven Swedish fashion design students – a project where the designers created innate items from recycled hotel linen. Featured designers and brands are Nudie Jeans, Uniforms for the Dedicated, MINNAPALMQVIST, Alice Fine, Restructional Clothing and REVERY. We invite you to reinvent your idea of sustainable fashion, and clothe your body in garments that will provide a more wholesome environment.

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Story by Sarah Harris, KA MAGAZINE