Feature : Patricia McKenzie

Interview With Patricia McKenzie in upcoming issue of KA Magazine~



KA —What made you fall in love with acting?

PM — Acting is spiritual to me because it brings me awareness.  Each character I play offers me a new opportunity to give my ego a break, be vulnerable,  and open my heart to the world around me.

KA — What do you do, to get into the vibe of a new role/ set?

PM — Music and fashion influence me.  I use music to get into the energy of a new character, and to meditate.  Clothes reveal character, so when I decide how she dresses, how she does her hair, and what kind of shoes she wears, I start to understand who she is. How I look physically, and the soundtrack that plays in my mind,  affects how I feel inside in relation to the world around me.

KA — How would you describe your personal style? ( non-fashion_)

PM — Playful, sexy and sweet.

KA — What’s your mantra? What’s keeps you going…

PM — My Mantra is “Let it go.”  Although I have many desires, I expect nothing and appreciate everything…

KA — How important is the notion of Giving back to you, in what you do?

PM — Everything I have means nothing if I have no one to share it with.  Giving doubles the value of everything I have: money, wisdom, shelter, clothes, empathy,  talent.  Giving to me doesn’t mean just donating dollars, volunteering is important, mentoring, teaching, sharing and being there for people when they need something, even if it’s just an ear or a kind word.

KA — How do you think the movie/ tv ( fantasy) industry can impact the planet in a good way?

PM— Movies can be a mirror for society, or a window into possibilities.  If I can let people in and see me real, and vulnerable and human, then I have done my job. We fear what we don’t understand, so for me, being of mixed race, acting gives me a voice to help people see who I really am inside; imperfect, fragile, and full of hope.

KA — I’m a aspiring actor – what would you tell me?

PM — Doing community theatre is a great way to gain experience, form a network and help local charities.  The essence of acting is to stay in the moment, if while you are playing you pause for a second to criticize or congratulate your performance, you become the audience. We pay to see you playing from the heart, with all the fearlessness, curiosity and imagination of a child.