Faith in Humanity: Restored.

Beauty. Balance. Originality. Three small words that not only make a big impact but that, when put together, are an essential part of Amsterdam-based shop, Restored. Known for its unique assortment of handcrafted products, the shop shines a light on local designers, emerging artists and small labels while cultivating meaningful relationships between person and product.

Located in Haarlemmerdijk, shopping hub of Amsterdam, Restored was founded in 2008 by Davide and Marijke. Their vision was to create, “a platform, a source, a store.” A platform for the visions of the countless creative minds whose products grace their shelves; a source of inspiration to the shoppers who discover exquisitely handmade products from clothes and accessories to household items; a store that goes beyond just selling but that has a story to tell, from the one-of-a-kind brands it carries to the open and inviting atmosphere.

Having always been interested in and a part of the arts, David and Marijke’s aim was to establish what they call, “a place to foster the merging of beauty, creativity and people.” More than your average department store, Restored invites you to discover rather than simply buy the coolest handbag or latest pair of shoes to add to your collection – Restored invites you to see the work put into each piece and to get to know the person behind the very hands that created it. Restored’s many wares sit proudly on its shelves, ready to be the next conversation-starter in a lucky shopper’s home.

Their honest approach and sincere interest in developing relationships is what makes David and Marijke standouts as founders of a store that continuously pushes boundaries and introduces us to new things. As for our overall verdict on this gem in Amsterdam? Well, as the internet would say, “Faith in humanity: RESTORED.”

What attracts you to the sort of artists/designers featured in your shop? Are there specific qualities in their work that you look for before welcoming someone to the Restored family?

As a store we continually search for authentic, balanced and functional products. They are made by hand, manufactured with attention, made in small quantities or through thorough material research.
We aim to bring the beauty and originality they create to light in every way possible.

What do you hope for each shopper to gain from the experience of having been at Restored?

Finding the perfect lamp, comb or knit can be a real challenge. There is so much beauty, elegant and practical design out there. But how and where will you find it? Restored seeks out these one-part objects and shares them with you. Because not every object needs a label, a philosophy or concept: sometimes it’s just perfect the way it is. We wouldn’t want to hold that one from you.
Experiencing restored should be about experiencing the heart of an object: the treasure and promise of a beautiful, rested and better life that it carries inside itself.
We believe in an honest, open approach and feel our shop should reflect that air.

Where do you personally seek out inspiration? Is it from the people around you or perhaps a specific place in Amsterdam?

We get inspired by collaborations with talented artists. Then our office turns into a communal table where creativity is encouraged and celebrated.
We share visuals and news from the world of art and design and offer a look inside the workspaces of designers close to our heart.
Both small, personal collaborations as well as the great worldwide web, full of inspiration, feeds us daily.

Story by Dayana Cadet | KA MAGAZINE
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