Dennis Ingemansson : A new world

Welcome to Dubai — Where sunshine and sand meets innovation, imagination and money.  Over the past 10 years, it has become a literal “playground” for the Earth’s most innovative minds to come together and create the “Never-before-seen”.

Think of this: 300 man-made islands, set two-and-a-half miles off the coast of Dubai, into distinct formation creating the shape of … what else?  The World.

Dennis Ingemansson has designed the Sea Limousine ( solar powered, self navigated, “sea-taxi”) linking the islands of “The World”.




The Dubai Sea Limousine — Conceptualized by Dennis Ingemansson for transportation between ” The World’s” artificial islands. This distinct hovercraft comes motorized with solar cells and is monitored by a satellite navigation system. It requires no human pilot, creating a high-speed passenger experience with impeccable safety and optimal comfort — ECO FRIENDLY — SAFETY — FUTURE




KA — The World has spiraled out of control, to the point that we as a species, if we continue on the same path, will not be able to survive on this planet. It seems also that the same cause of this problem, is the key to solving it — How do you think technology will do it right this time around?

DI — Today, we have already the DNA code of the technology for future survival: Innovative design. My experience says we that we have so much science and technology already developed. It’s time to put designers into venture companies to allow us to start using the science into new innovative concepts — These businesses will grow. It will also change the meaning and perception of this technology. I believe that technology will begin to communicate with humanity— we will see emotions and feelings in the future. Therefore, we are a bit closer to becoming a better friend with our planet.

KA — There seems to be a new notion that globally, we have not even begun to be who we are as a species, that fossil fuels are a thing of the past — Do you think we are just at the beginning of what we are going to be in the future?

DI — Our new ideal of saving the planet gives new freedom and directions without end. Indeed, it’s a new beginning of an Earth that will be more peaceful and loving. I believe Mr. President Obama will lead us into a new peaceful and eco-friendly dimension that we never experienced before.

KA — Everything of value is based on nature : Real estate values are more based on the land that on the property.  — Why do you think it has taken so long to understand that Nature is the most important thing there is?

DI — Humanity has been distracted by issues such as war, racism, slavery and dictators — We only recently have begun to become more united in solving these global issues. Our next step is to unite in saving the planet from Global Warming.

KA — You seem to be so cool with your work. You share your ideas with the only request of getting credit, and your manner is so unassuming and not like what we would think someone doing the type of design you do (usually ultra-private and unapproachable) — Do you feel that in the context of getting to a quick solution, we have all just to share the knowledge?

DI — Thank you. I am delighted you like my work. I think it’s very important for designers and companies to share their visions of the future. Strong designers are able to make people dream and reach their emotions. However, we are in a new business era. For example — Skype share a free service that pushing other companies to rethink and create innovation.

I am devoted to green luxury yacht innovation. For sure, the yacht world is based on ultra private values — it’s your own private island. The yacht interiors are often decorated with top historical art, and life onboard can sometimes feel a bit “stiff”. I want to change this perception and push the meaning of “luxury” higher. The essence of my work is unconventional thinking. I base my ideas in design on passion, emotions, feelings of nature and human love. Actually, I am a strong idealist that thinks the highest degree of art —

In fact, the art that you can’t buy.