This past Saturday, KA was witness to a true master in action.  We made it out to Peopl (Montreal Social Club owned by the one and only jojoflores) as we had an Interview scheduled with David Morales. Now if you do not know this name, you must immediately climb out from under your rock and google it. David has been tearing up clubs since he was just 13 years old, and has produced remixes for some of the world biggest artists – namely Mariah Carey – winning him a Grammy award for his remix of Dreamlover. All those stats aside, which you can definitely read up on the net, we needed to get down to the real deal. Who is this man – this legend…David M. arrived without any entourage, no gimmicks, just him – and his gear. What surprised us most was his complete presence; his stillness and his sincerity. When you look at him, there is no doubt that Morales has a story; and for this, you will have to wait and read the full interview in KA Magazine Vol.6.