What’s up with girls bullying other girls?! – That’s as strange as women wanting to start wars!

You know something is definitely wrong with our reality, when guys hang out and have a beer while girls bully other girls. When did this happen? Didn’t these girls read the disclaimer;…that “Mean Girls” was just a movie!

It is a fact that this started way before Mean Girls and the trauma of this reality of being bullied, especially on appearance, in a world that is all about appearances, does not miss us at KA; but sometimes, actually all the time “lightness” is the cure.

Bullies need to realize that though they think that they are all that, they are just getting weaker while the girls they are bullying will keep getting stronger . Nothing and I mean nothing, in the universe operates in a straight line. Some people call it Karma others call it “bitch” (as in life’s a bitch) but the fact is that what so-ever comes out of your heart will return to you in equal measure: BAMM!! right back to the source.

So if you put out love…well you get the point.

KA Magazine Vol.6 will tackle this issue KA style with a full on photo shoot of a lovely girl who has been bullied – no photoshop, no make-over. Actually, there is nothing to be “made over”, she is just beautiful in and out as most bullied girls are.

This stunning 15 year old is without a doubt a future top model. Wait for Vol. 6 and you will see. Now we are not saying that it is all about the physical; hell no, but the fact is if she did not feel good on the inside while doing this shoot we would only get depressing shots and the fact that we were able to get such beauty from an otherwise little and cute unhappy young lady, is definitely good medicine in our books.

Girls bullying other girls – it’s time you know that you are weak straight up weak! But enough about you, the KA light will be focussed directly on the angels who silently suffer.

To all the grown up ladies out there who know what it is to be bullied as young and “fragile”, let’s hear your voices, you know who you are, we need you!

” I see my self as ghost if I am there no one will notice it is like I am invisible!!!” – Clara

KA magazine photo-shoot:::

The lovely Susan Morales: doing hair and make-up

Waiting and happy

The stunning Clara

A very happy mother and daughter