Best of Canada – Le Cartet (Montreal)

Nestled securely in the heart of Old Montreal, Le Cartet is one of those rare finds that you are most likely to know about the old fashioned way: by word of mouth. The fact that this restaurant didn’t even have a website (for the past 10 years) until now, is a testament to how amazing food and consistent great service can drive a business to success.

Le Cartet has possibly the best coffee in Montreal (Illy) and the house roast is so perfect that is seems a shame to actually spoil it by adding cream or sugar. There is definitely something to be said when walking down McGill on a Saturday or Sunday morning and there is nothing happening, and I mean nothing at 10am in the morning!

Then as you pass Wellington and start to get towards the little sign that reads “Le Cartet”, something magical happens. At first you are not quite sure what to make of it, but there it is in front of you, a line up sometimes stretching out to the street, of some of the most charming people and they are all waiting for the most amazing brunch in Montreal “Le Cartet” style.

LE CARTET — Resto Boutique

106 McGill Street, Montreal