Anna Halldin Maule: Fashion Obsessed

We recently came across the photo-realistic paintings of Swedish artist Anna Halldin Maule and much like the subjects of her works, we’re hooked!

Based upon photographs she takes, these oil on canvas paintings mainly depict women in a seemingly euphoric and completely all-encompassing fashion-obsessed state. Whether adorned in pounds of expensive jewellery, the trimmings from their latest shopping spree or literal riches (in credit form), these paintings are a cheeky representation of our society’s infatuation with glamour and fashion.

The poses the models are in, ranging from prayer/worship to being literally bound in Chanel, offer a bit of an insight into the subjects’ (and in turn, our own) mentality as well. Anna’s work is so engaging because it is not only captivating to see but also motivates the viewer to look inwards and think, “Is this me? Do I do this?”

Whether you’re a die-hard fashionista or simply intrigued by her work, feel free to stop by her solo exhibition at the Scott Richards Contemporary Art Gallery in San Francisco, on now through September 2nd, 2014!


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Story by Dayana Cadet |  KA MAGAZINE