There really is nothing holding us back but our self talk: I know this is a hard one sometimes to accept, as it seems that the mountain of; you name it, ( insert mountain here … debt, disappointments, missed opportunities) is just so high; but KA is a testament to just sticking with it. This magazine was started with the sole purpose of inspiring even one person, well actually two; myself and my mom.

Over the last 4 years; yes where has the time gone. It has grown into something that even I could not have imagined. We are now connected on a global level and the positive movement just continues. Now KA has a team of people marketing/sales and editorial ( in Toronto) and we are creating one in New York, oh did I mention KA is still a second job! The first being NEVIK.
The question that I get asked allot and the reason behind todays sharing is this. How do you do it! How are you able to; write a magazine/photograph/ edit/ run the business/ then NEVIK create the collection, make and sew the items and if that is not enough, there is Buddhafish Records and producing Ashley King; not to mention other things that we do not see such as taking your daughter to the park on a daily basis. All with zero stress!
You see each time I am asked this question I smile because the same word always pops up and that single word is the answer.
What is this word STRESS … the key is to do what-ever it is that you are doing without stress, and time will work on your behalf. I believe that even seemingly non-creative work can become creative as long as the focus is stress free.

How to achieve this you ask. Like everything that we have ever learned while being in this biological machine, it is by practice yes good old fashioned sweat and tears, but the reward is well worth the wait, for without your knowing you will break free of the restrictions that stress places on your connection with your higher self and you will know, not think.

Shout out to Johnnie Reisler … great book KA will be posting a review soon, great interview/ Hannah Rose Dalton we are in awe that is all I can say/ Natasha Kertes your Miami exposition will be incredible wish we could be there but KA Magazine will be there for us (PORCELAIN)/ Maya Malata (M) you are a survivor and an inspiration Sept.26th Théâtre Plaza Montreal the audience will be amazed/ Ashley King keep singing: no really keep singing it doesn’t matter if only one person likes you on FB:), you like you, and keep singing/ Karlo Steel (what a name) ATELIER NYC is one of the best men’s store period/ Daniel Stanford your art is KArazy/YOU…

If you read this far you are definitely, definitely a special one. Remember that the month of September is a very high energy month so put away your fears dust off the cobwebs from your dreams and put it out there.


kamazine_natashakertesPhotos by Natasha Kertes