Fashion is such a powerful industry. I believe, it is one of the most powerful in the world…along with food, technology and real estate; fashion is literally a “need”.  It has taken me many years to come to the realization however, that the business of fashion runs so much deeper than the flashy campaigns, advertising, editorials and of course, the runway shows. I found myself being addicted to the egoic relationship with clothes and style, instead of deeply understanding what is it that I am wearing – I was in fact (gasp) a consumer. Now, behind every brand lies a story, a style, a vision, and also most importantly, a code of ethics.  To me, the latter is what matters most and it is what now guides my creative selections over and above the simple beauty of a garment.

If you have not yet been introduced to Osklen, consider yourself now officially intro-ed. Osklen is a Brazilian fashion brand, created and designed by Oskar Metsavaht in Rio de Janeiro. Metsavaht is not only passionate about fashion, but also photography, film, interiors, furniture, art, architecture – and of course, sustainability. His designs are a bridge between the modern dynamism of the cosmopolitan cities and the beauty and harmony of Brazilian nature. The collections always have a sport feel giving the clothing a laid back, but always elegant look.

“My creative process starts with a scene, a story, a style, a concept I create from something I wished or lived. From this point on I create the mood, the atmosphere, the looks, and the attitude. Most of the time I conceive the campaign even before the collection. Maybe that’s why I love making the art direction of the photo shoot. I create the atmosphere of the story and make my own movies, through which I can share the scene I imagined in the beginning of the process. The pieces are designed to be the costumes for my movie, and it’s possible to ‘watch’ it in each detail of the collection. I’m only satisfied when the elements proposed for each piece, the colors, the textures, and the silhouettes are worn by the characters of the movie I created”, says Oskar Metsavaht.

For Spring Summer 2015, honesty I had a hard time narrowing down my favourite looks from this collection. The story truly is as if Metsavaht is bringing us on a luxurious trip through the rainforest. The looks are comfortable enough for such a venture, cool and breathable and of course, provide the proper camouflage. The contrasts of the fabrics and textures are just perfect – blending solid twills with transparent plastic vests as colourful printed silks with luxurious knits. The colour palette is both muted, sophisticated and colourful and the un-complicated flow of the collection is simply fun and refreshing.

Osklen is considered to be Brazil’s leading fashion brand and has been since 2012, making its way into the North American Market. I look forward to watching and supporting this growth.

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Written by Ashley Allwood | KA MAGAZINE Holistic Editor