Kevin Allwood  believes that business can be supportive, positive, inclusive, profoundly generous and still remain profitable. He counts profits not only in the context of how many zeros follow a number in on a piece of paper; but in how many lives the business has impacted in a positive way. This is his vision for the KA brands; all-be-it utopian it remains his professional “holy grail”. A constant thinker, who goes by the moniker of black Guatama  ( in the studio).  The laboratory of his mind is in the constant experiment to find ways to create and generate positive results. City Guide is one of the result from this internal laboratory of good vibes.


 Ashley is the eyes, ears and hands of the 12 headed beast that is City Guide. Miss King thrives on connecting with as many new inspiring people around the world as possible. (No. not the kind of Facebook friend list, but actual people who as she so poetically puts it: “are Kicking Ass!”). A passionate vocalist and creative in her own right with four mixed tapes under her belt carrying such titles as Waiting for the future and a yet un-finished project ( music) Birds Vs. Monkeys. Don’t be surprised if while in a phone conversation about your business Ms. King sings her rendition of “At Last “ acapella . When not serenading complete strangers, she oversees the creative content and direction of all graphics both online and in print.


Erika’s taste in fashion, design and fabulous places makes her the perfect addition to the KA team. Miss Larva is also the co-founder of Monarch Events Group;  which is one of Canada’s leading and most respected Production Companies of innovative, high impact Fashion Shows & Events, including Toronto’s World Master Card Fashion Week. Erika exudes passion in everything she does, and once you meet her, you are immediately in love with her amazing-ness. Erika Larva is Toronto’s Editor at Large for KA Magazine.


Egyptian born and Ottawa raised. Diana lived in NYC while pursuing her love of music and recording, to later move to Montreal to further her education in all things cool. French and English speaking, Diana is a people person with great taste and a unmatchable zest for life. A foodie by nature she will be the first to tell you “ I love to eat”. KA is close to Diana’s heart as she loves travel, art, entertainment and in her own words finding that special gem, that everyone doesn’t yet know about and sharing it with others. When asked what is her strongest point and her life’s goal she enthuses I feel I am here to connect people.


Dayana’s love of all things fashion is what drives her each and every day. Whether the time calls for study, work or play, she is sure to turn up in great heels and her signature bold lip gloss made even bolder by her full lips. However, it is her passion for writing and creating a conversation with the reader, that ultimately connects her to KA. Dayana’s mission: inbuing KA magazine with her personal take on the world of Toronto Fashion, Art and Living.