What happens when a passionate young woman makes a step towards conquering her dreams by entering the bustling city life? Magic, in the case of self-proclaimed country girl, Aisha Eustache, now taking New York City by storm.  With a sound comparable to the likes of Sade and Roberta Flack and your girl-next-door persona, Aisha, on her quest to be the best she can be, is one to watch! Read on –

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KA – You’re releasing your debut EP; this must be quite an exciting period in your life! Please tell us a little about the process of creating your first album.  

AE – Creating this first album has been a fantastic voyage, lol.  In early 2010, I left the world of corporate America not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.  I had come to New York doing musical theater, but that wasn’t really where my heart was and retail was hell!!!  I started doing some serious soul searching and in early 2011 I teamed up with composer and pianist, Lars Potteiger, with some lyrics and arrangements I had started writing.  Rob Mitzner, who produced the EP, was incorporated into the process in Oct of 2012, and the 3 of us collaborated to solidify the musical composition for the tunes.  Rob rounded up his posse of friends and we started recording the tunes in November of 2012 at The Bunker Studios, where we were blessed to work with Aaron Nevezie, engineer extraordinaire.  Tracking with a live band for the first time was a really great and educational experience.  I grew leaps and bounds as a vocalist and an artist through tears and laughter, with the support of some amazing musicians!  I learned so much about the engineering side of this process, as well.  Not to mention, I had the time of my life!!!

KA – Do you ever question your musical direction?  

AE – All the time!  It is really hard being an independent artist.  This is who I am and I’ve waited to long to achieve my dreams to compromise my integrity.  I love and write all types of music from soul to folk and country.  I would love to record a country/folk album and a jazz album in the future!

KA – How does it feel to be compared to the likes of some of the best female artists; such as Sade and Roberta Flack, to name a few.

AE – Amazeballs!!!  These are all women that I have listened to and studied over the past 27 years.  It gives me fuel to work harder and focus.  I’d love to stand in those shoes, someday!

KA – What is your dream collaboration and why?   

AE – I’d love to sing with David Ryan Harris!  I’ve been harmonizing with him on my ipod since 2003, lol.  I love his lyrics and arrangements.  Not to mention he’s hot, lol.  I’d also love to sing with India Arie.  She is my soul sister.  I have so much respect for her gift with lyrics and melodies.  Ah, dreams…

KA – What is your idea of a perfect day?    

AE – So lame, but here goes:  jammies all day, in my BK apt, on my couch snuggle buggin with my man and my mom.  Listening to music, watching movies, just spending quality time with my loves.  Don’t judge me!

KA – If you had to describe yourself in one word only – what would it be?   

AE – Passionate

KA – How does a self-proclaimed “country girl” like yourself, get by in a fast paced city such as New York?     

AE – Ha!  Awesome question, I’ll get back to you when I have an answer, just kidding.  I am a very driven person and the best of every industry is in New York City.  Wanting to be the best version of myself I can be, this is the place for me, so I do loads of prayer and meditation, and keep it moving.  I am so infatuated with NYC, from the food to the fashion, arts, industry and multiculturalism.  I am growing weary of the hustle and bustle and starting to think of a life in Jersey or Westchester, lol.  The country girl in me needs some BBQ’s, bare feet in the grass, trees, birds, and cricket symphonies to put me to sleep.

KA – What thrills you the most?   

AE – Performing and being on stage.  I feel like I’m home under the lights with the music.  I love the energy rush you get from a crowd of people supporting your dream!

KA – If you could listen to only one artist, for the rest of your days – who would it be?   

AE – Really?  Hmm, haven’t ever thought of that.  You do know that is like almost impossible for a musician to imagine, right?  Ella Fitzgerald.  I’d listen to her perfect, elegant, smooth, sophisticated vocal styling all day, any day.

KA – Who is Aisha Eustache? 

AE – I am country girl, with a big heart, living in the city that never sleeps.  This is who I am y’all.  Peace, Love, and Lots of Light!!!