In the search for the best breakfast in Montreal, we think we’ve found a winner! Le Cartet is the kind of place that brings in all of Old Montreal’s cool cats in on Sunday mornings. The vibe is cool, the food amazing, and you will always be left with a feeling of wanting to go back. The restaurant doubles as a boutique that purveys high-end products including breads and croissants. Le Cartet has been around before anyone was even in the Old Port, in the year 2000 to be exact – and since then it has grown from a small little Resto-boutique – into what it is today; a “better-get-there-at-9:00-am-on-a-weekend-or-else-you-wont-get-seated” kind of hot spot! Oh, and you see that really fancy looking coffee machine…it makes really good coffee.

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