Ka Yu — Feng Shui — Fall 2009

KAN YU — FENG SHUI, by the Zen Master

We cannot discuss Feng Shui without using at some point, the word luck. I just realized the other day that except for the dictionary definition of this word, and our furry rabbit tail key chain, there is very little really understood about luck and what it truly means. I think the very nature of this term makes it the kind of word that you don’t investigate too much. But I am not convinced or satisfied to just accept luck “blindly”.

So recently, I started thinking more and meditating more on this term; this thing of magic that rules all our lives and affairs. To see if there is a part in it that makes it more real, more manageable, and less random. I am far from any concrete conclusion. I think it will be a long experiment, but this is what I have concluded so far. I will list them in point form for the sake of clarity. Some of these findings might not be new to everyone, but in the light of clarity I think it becomes a bit more useful in our daily quest for abundance.

1. We make our luck, we really do. It is a fact that by being present and planting good seeds, good things eventually manifest and create a sort of snowball luck effect.

2. Luck comes to those who have a bit of it. It seems that the lucky, get even more lucky, but I believe that we are all born with a “luck chip” but the chip seems small in contrast to our adult size, so it is easily discarded. The trick here is to dust off this piece of luck and start to attract more. Before you know it, your luck will have grown very large indeed.

3. Luck is not given by fairies. I know we might wish to think that luck comes from the “Luck Fairies” or beings that grant us wishes, but the fact is, even if it were so, it is not the way of an Intelligent Universe to enslave people with wish granting. The way to see how wishes work, is to realize that by intent we are creating our reality and our luck daily.

4. Luck is actually the offspring of our commands. When creating a personal request what is the word that most frequently follows the word “I”? If you are like most people, it most likely is the word “want”. Well this is exactly why you are still “wanting” what ever it is that you have been wanting all your adult life. You see, you have created the command after the “I” and therefore created this luck associated with it. Now try to put the word “am” after your luck command of “I” and see what manifests.

5. Luck is your friend and is with you all the time. The simple fact that you are reading this shows that luck is with you, so relax and lets enjoy the trip.

So what does this have to do with Feng shui? Well everything actually, since it is not something out there that is creating the changes that will happen in your reality once you apply Feng Shui. It is actually something that is impossible to be separated from you and your power of imagination.

In the last issue of KA, we created a template of the home that represented the 9 sectors: fame, wealth, relationships, ancestors, health, children, knowledge, career, and helpful people. All the areas are interconnected and it will not be wise to ignore one in favor of the other, but the key with feng shui is also not to tear up the house and stir everything up all at once. With this in mind, lets focus on the two parts of our lives that in this current reality seems to be the most pressing: money and career.

These two sections are very easy to identify in the home or office. Remember that if your office is in your home, it is sort of like when you are at the US customs even while being in a Canadian airport. You are in the USA. Same this when you are in your office you are in another “country” and it must be treated separate from the home itself. What if your office falls in the far left corner of your house, then great for you! It is in a super place to help bring lots of money to you as long as it is kept neat and correct. The Aspirin® of feng shui are: green healthy leafy plants and fresh cut flowers. This has the same effect of balancing negative energy as it does of bringing healthy oxygen into your home or office. You can never have too many plants, and don’t forget that plants take care of those nasty stress causing EMFs.

Simple tips to energize the wealth sector of home or office:::

Water: Place a water fountain, or a picture of water.

Plants: Place a flat leafy plant or tree in this area.

Fish : If you have the space this is a great part of the house for a fish tank with 7 gold fish and 1 black.

The next section of the house to energize will be the one that is directly linked to our happiness this is the career section, located directly opposite the main entrance into your home or office:::

Light: Create more fire energy here by placing a bright light in this area, lit during the day as well. Or white candles.

Red: This area is where you would place your fresh cut red roses or any fresh cut purple or red flowers.

Crystal: Place a sharp pointed crystal in this sector of the house.

Remember that it is your intent that will create the biggest results. In the real (physical 4D*) world, we will agree that it is not enough to sit in the car and wait for it to drive itself, we must put actions with our intent. The same is true with feng shui, and remember that we are all basically happy machines.

‘Till next issue.

* note: we live in four dimensions, not three. The fourth is time.