KA Culture

Holistic Living – is the new luxury.

“It is our birthright to be abundant”

KA Magazine tells the story of creatives, artists, designers, fashion enthusiasts , lovers of beauty, travel hot spots and the conscious …brands that are shaping the world upon the horizon.  It is KA Magazine’s mission to support the growing businesses and people who are socially, environmentally and spiritually conscious. Businesses created with love.  We believe that the number of “brands” with love as their main driving force is on the rise; and it is our mission to find them.

We live in a world where “Luxury” has become enormously questionable. The mass factories, lined up products in department stores, ultra-high prices, questionable advertising…has all been apart of this so-called “industry of luxury”. At KA, we believe that luxe is abundance; not of cars, diamonds and private jets…but of quality of life and especially physical and emotional health.

Editor’s Note 

KA magazine — The idea behind the magazine was simple, and almost naïve. What would happen if I created a magazine that I would like to read? Really, a magazine that was not based on anything other than positive news, something that inspired me to be, well, better than I was before I read it? What would this magazine look like? The first thing is, it would have to be something that was clear, and as honest as could be. The articles would be uncensored, and on a variety of topics; from health, spirituality, fashion, design, fitness, music and all the way to space travel. I felt that in the context of the various topics, I wanted to find the best people in their representative fields. But the twist was, I wanted to create a magazine that wasn’t based on taking — but on giving.

KA magazine is a simple idea based on an equally simple word, that in ancient language and culture has various meanings, all coming back to your higher self and spirituality, which also just by chance, happens to be my initials. The power is not in money, how much you make, and how much you spend, but in the daily positive connections that you create. I personally believe that the power of giving is the stronger of the two opposites. I also believe that there is more than one other person that believes as I do — and this, is a good start.