Before saying how amazing iS Clinical products are, I must first make the disclaimer that Esther Morin Medispa is a KA Agency client (KA Agency you ask?…yes, we have a branding agency! cool is that!)
The key thing though is that Esther Morin has been a client for over a year and we have not yet made a post on them!; There is too much good to say about Esther Morin Medispa, we just don’t know where to start! I think that with the launch of the iS Clinical products now available at the Medipsa – this is the perfect opportunity to post away!
iS Clinical – an innovative skincare line that is making some serious headlines around the world for its ‘s amazing long lasting results! Used by celebrities like Halle Barry, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman, who all know how important skin health is, the iS Clinical line of products contains extremely powerful botanical antioxidants that protect free-radical damages.  This highly sought-after skincare line cannot be found at your run of the mill cosmetics counter- it must be through a medical doctor who will prescribe the right product for your skin.
We are sharing this because KA really wants you to be properly moisturized and exfoliated – and with the new iS Clinical “Youth Complex”, we want you glowing too!
This product isn’t good, it is GREAT! Available at Esther Morin Medispa