We recently came across this series of photos by “flower artist”, Duy Anh Nhan Duc called “Dandelions” and boy, did it take our breath away! A collaboration with photographer Isabelle Chapuis, “Dandelions” (the first part of a two-part series) is a tribute to the fragile weed intertwined within the female form.

Lover of all things floral Duy Anh takes the ubiquitous plant out of the land of our childhood memories (in which a dandelion was just one of the many things we hoped could grant wishes) and into a world that is all delicate sensuality. Tufts of dandelion gently caress the models’ curves and faces, the effect of which is really quite visceral. One can almost feel the vulnerability of the plant against the firmness of the skin and the urge to reach out and touch is a compelling one. Other shots are much more editorial than romantic, with the dandelion expertly manipulated by Duy Anh to become a series of luxe-looking fashion accessories.

Overall, we’re loving everything about this series; the muted tones, the depth of the dark background, the styling, the brooding, mysterious facial expressions…seriously, what’s not to love?

Dandelion-Isabelle-Chapuis_01 Dandelion-Isabelle-Chapuis_02 Dandelion-Isabelle-Chapuis_03 Dandelion-Isabelle-Chapuis_04 Dandelion-Isabelle-Chapuis_05 Dandelion-Isabelle-Chapuis_06 Dandelion-Isabelle-Chapuis_07 Dandelion-Isabelle-Chapuis_08 Dandelion-Isabelle-Chapuis_09

See more at isabellechapuis.com and blossom-talent.com/duyanhnhanduc

Story by Dayana Cadet  |  KA Magazine