The minute you first meet Amanda you can feel the positive energy emitting from within her. A type of palpable energy that usually only comes out of someone who has a storied past of overcoming deep challenges. Amanda Narain, who is now a registered Homeopath and Auricular and Bio-energetic Medicine Practitioner in Toronto, began her journey toward natural health at a very young age. Back in rural Guyana, South America, at the age of 11, she endured a gunshot wound to the abdomen, and managed to survive, despite having no access to this type of emergency medical services. She used a combination of integrative medicine, both holistic and conventional, and discovered how holistic medicine was the primary source of her own personal healing. We find her story incredible, and as she is a BLK BOSS in Toronto, we needed to share. Read on for Amanda Narain’s Interview.

1- Tell us, how does homeopathy really work?

Homeopathy is governed by the law of similars, for every state of disease in our bodies, there is a remedy in nature (mineral, animal and plant source) that mirrors that blockage or condition and when extracted from its root source and made into Homeopathic medicine (by way of potentization and succussion to energize into nanoparticle dilution) and that medicine is administered to the sick or diseased body, the vital force (often referred to as the Qi or immune system) is stimulated to initiate a healing response. The Arnica cream had helenalin in it that mirrored the inflammation that is in your body, stimulating a healing response resulting in pain relief. Auricular Medicine is the testing system I use to administer Homeopathic, photogenic and biochemical medicines.

2- How did you decide to be your own boss? 

It was less of a decision and more of an obvious choice from the time I was 12 years old as an immigrant kid from Guyana with my first newspaper route. Later on in my adult life practicing holistic and energetic medicine, I am markedly in a category/field of work that is intrinsically unique and different from the accepted conventional methods of medicine so that alone made me realize entrepreneurship in my practice was necessary. We don’t have the luxury of hospital fellowship or internships or residences that leads to employment. We graduate into world that we must, ourselves carve out our own path.

3- What do you do to self motivate?

I myself am a patient of Homeopathic and Auricular medicine and I am on a treatment protocol of biotherapeutic drainage with remedies such as Unda Numbers that supports my organix of detoxification to keep my body in balanced homeostasis this means that once the physical biochemistry of my body is healthy and free of toxicity, my moods, energy, being and mind is happier, and motivated. I am a firm believer that the physical biochemistry of the body will manifest the mental biochemistry. If there are blockages and toxicity in the system the mood and energy will be imbalanced.

4- Do you have a personal mantra?

“I don’t know that I don’t know.” I learned it after completing the Landmark Forum. It revolutionized my world. I use it in my approach to everything as reminder that keeps me humble and hungry .

5- All bosses seem to have more than one plan in motion. What is new in your business evolution? 

I started in design, Fashion Design actually attending Ryerson and developing my own clothing line in my 20’s and leaving Canada to live abroad for 6 years. A personal health crisis led me to more holistic ways of living. For over over 3 years there were no answers to my health issues until I started using Homeopathy and Auricular Medicine and within months I saw resolution of my heatlh conditions. I also became a caregiver to both my mom and grandmother who had radical forms of cancer at advanced stages and I saw holistic medicine be the only modality of treatment that worked for them.This led to me going back to school to be trained in Homeopathy at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and then on to training with Drs. Alison and Mikhael Adams.  I have now launched a wellness youtube channel that marries my creativity and holistic background, way of living and knowledge called BioHkt. It is a channel dedicated to biohacking our bodies to optimal health.

6 – What would you suggest to a new boss to deal with both positive and negative that will come?   

I would say, first off the universe never gives you more than you can handle and there is no such thing as failure, the harder you fail the stronger you learn and develop.  There is opportunity in everything. But you also have to invest in your wellness and health to keep you supported for those lows when they hit.

7- Who are you?

Amanda P Narain, Guyanese born registered Homeopath and Auricular medicine practitioner @apnholistic. I work with a myriad of conditions and ages. From pre conception to clean up the parents’s the body to auto immune and chronic illnessesUsing Biotherapeutic drainage, Auricular and homeopathic medicine, the goat to return the body to balance and auto regulating and self healing.I am Also Co host and co creater of @biohkt and an enlightened mother.