Most of us never have to think twice about running the dishwasher, taking a long hot shower – or even watering our plants. Unfortunately for the residents of Cape Town, this is not the case. A severe drought began in 2015 and “Day Zero” (when experts predict that the city will run out of water) is fast approaching.  If this day, which is expected to be sometime around mid- April, is reached, citizens if Cape Town will be forced to live on 15 litres of water per day. To give some perspective, 25L is less water than one would typically use in a 5 minute shower. The situation is critical.

As residents anxiously await “day Zero” companies and charities around the globe are rushing to help. Social media has served as such an amazing tool to reach out, inform, and connect with the rest of the world. Talita can der Heever, a resident of East London, used this to her advantage; sending a Whats App video that would be the start of an incredible movement.

“I went to the bathroom, flushed my toilet and recorded it on my phone saying ‘This sound of a toilet flushing and tab opening is a sound that we take for granted in our everyday life, and in Cape Town this sound is going to disappear soon’

In less than 24 hours she received hundreds of messages from companies and people wanting to donate. Talita grew up on a farm and she used her knowledge of trade routes to set up a water pick and distribution network. Farmers have pledged to bring water to Cape Town on their empty in-bound trucks and businesses have offered their premises as drop off points. Donations are now coming in from other parts of South Africa and beyond, totalling more than 180 tons of water.

The nation-wide relief charity, gift for Givers, partnered up with van der Heever and other to launch the “water4CapeTwon” campaign on social media. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the water crisis. So far they have collected over 50,000 five-litre bottles, with donations coming in from as far as the U.S. With over 70 distribution points and plans to provide trains to aid in the transportation process, the campaign is growing bigger every day. Citizens of Cape Town are currently living on 50 litres of water per day. Hospitals, animal shelters, hospices, schools, family homes are all suffering.

We are glad to feature Talita van der Heever as a kindness ambassador. As she watched the news on television, feeding her 18-month-old daughter she realized that, without water many mothers in Cape Town would have a very hard time feeding their children, it was in that moment she decided she needed to do something about it.  Talita serves as an example of love and compassion, and how it only takes one person to kick start something incredible. To get involved, you can visit “” or the Gift of the Givers website. In any crisis, we always look for the helpers, there are always those who are willing to lend a hand.

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Blessings from KA xo