Music is all around us. It is all pervasive. There is a theory that states that the “emptiness” of space is not empty, and if we were able to properly tune a receiving instrument, we would hear the Universe singing, literally. Another beautiful theory is that music is how we communicate directly with creation, that musical vibrations are directly related to the “Creator”.

These are still deep in the theoretical, but one thing is definite: music can heal, music can motivate, music can entrance, advance, stimulate and create.

When was the last time you listened, really listened to music, not the fast food variety, but the creative sort; with layered beats devoid of the formulaic. Music that was created as it sprung forth from the artist…music as art. This is definitely past due, and Ms. Allwood is such an artist to deliver this food straight from her creative soul, to your musically hungry soul.

“If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.” – Ashley Allwood


Hey Ashley how you doing.

Doing great. Honestly, it’s been a beautiful year of change and growth and I am blessed. Couldn’t be better….Ok perhaps if we were interviewing on the beach, but chilling in New York is so good too.

So much has changed since your last KA talk, one which FYI seems to be the most read and commented on in the magazine. Go blondes!

I love talking with you, always. But when I know it’s going to be printed, I think it’s important to make sure my words have value – that I am not wasting precious ink and paper space to stroke my own ego. Perhaps people resonate with this.

Yes, change is definitely the one constant thing in our lives, I have been fortunate though to have this change be very positive in the past year – more of an evolution of sorts.

The most obvious change over the last year is your name.

Yes, I am now an “Allwood”. So blessed to be in this incredibly wonderful and creative family. I have made the choice to surrender all my past and any negativity I had attached to my last name (King) – and I let it go. I parted with it all, and am now embracing a whole new energy of who it is that I am and envision for the future. It is unreal how powerful names are. How much they define you, whether you realize it or not. As Ashley Allwood, I feel like superwoman with her superman.

How does it feel to be performing as Ashley Allwood, does this bring added pressure knowing how intense your other half is from an artistic perspective.

It doesn’t bring me pressure at all, on the contrary, it actually gives me this invisible source of power and confidence. I love it and is all new to me. I feel like a kid who just took of their braces…you know, the feeling of having a whole new face and just can’t stop smiling. Weird example yes, but I hope you get it.

How has the Ashley Allwood vision for her music evolved.

It has been a constant evolution, always for me personally and in music. I would say that one of the main things that I’ve truly come to grasp and has brought the music to a whole new level, is understanding the concept of ART in music.  You see for the longest time, I always saw myself as powerless (as a singer), that I was at the mercy of people liking or listening to my music. That it mattered how many “likes” I had on social media, often comparing myself  – and I realized that this is no way why I am doing music. When I realized I was becoming this way, I actually completely stopped. I shut everything down and just resigned to even being that person; a slave to whatever is “out there”. The process of stopping actually made me come back to centre and understand that despite the majority of the world creating music as “products”, my purpose for creating was not this…it is about the art. It is about just doing it and finding my centre, my release. I needed to dive deeper.

At this point, it is not about going on stage and looking pretty and singing a good tune. There are already tons of amazing singers out there and there’s no need for me to be doing this too.  So to answer your question, the upcoming album is non apologetic, the lyrics are about truth, about love and abut conscious vibes.

What is your view on the current state of fashion and how is your evolving style stepping away from the obsession with sexualization in fashion and music.

Mainstream music is like candy. It looks good, it tastes good, but ultimately it is not so good for your health. Why though? I honestly think that every minute we listen to mainstream music, we lose a braincell somewhere! (Laugh) And then, add to this, sexualized fashion. Oh boy, the messages being sent out to our very fragile little minds….not so good.  Sure, sex sells to the mass, to the “consumers”, but I am in no way interested in connecting with this “mass”. (And that term “consumers”? Honestly I cannot stand to hear this term describe human beings its unreal, when did that happen?) My goal is to connect with fellow earth beings who are just hustling, searching and creating their purpose. Music is about this…it is about creating an audio experience for the listener, to put a soundtrack to our lives.  That’s it. It’s not about me prancing about on stage in a bathing suit, or some variation thereof. It is about what do I love to wear and that’s about it…and right now I am interested in garments made by creators. For instance, most of the items I wear are from the Kevin Allwood collection, most naturally. I feel invincible in his clothes, and I know that every single stitch was done with love and clear attention to detail by impeccable hands. This is powerful.

The newest album that you are working on (mix tape) is entitled loosely “Air Love Music”, great words. Why did you choose this as a jump off point for your next musical journey.

I felt this was the purest way to describe my most basic of needs. The three things that I cannot live without are Air, Love, Music. I am a simple girl really.

Ethical fashion is a big part of your reality, you do not wear any fast fashion and you are not only Vegan but you walk and take public transit. How can I get on the Ashley tip and start to make some ethical changes in my reality.

The very first choice I made in my own personal journey that I feel marked the beginning of making ethical changes…was my decision 10 years ago to become a vegetarian. I didn’t know this at the time, but animal agriculture is the number one (not number 2..3..4…) it is the first cause of global climate change. I’d say, the most important thing to do to begin, would be to be aware of how eating meat and animal products (wearing too) is impacting our planet and make your own decision from there.  I stopped eating meat at the time, because I refused to ingest animals. It led me to then evolve into learning about more vegetables, legumes, fruits…and the variety of tastes and foods I began to explore from there was astounding! Then I went into organics, then no dairy…and now vegan and choosing to wear local and consciously created clothes. It is a process, everyone is different. The key is just to look for the information and be brave enough to go against the grain and simply choose health and love. My second suggestion would be to stop wearing fast fashion, now. The existence of fast-fashion brands is literally creating our modern day slavery in many third world countries. Then on our end of the scale, it is keeping buyers addicted to these “cheap” clothes. Solution: Buy less, buy better.

Much love to you Mrs. Allwood

And so much back, you have no idea. Merci.